Maps can be a concise and powerful means of communication. By learning a few fundamental design concepts you will create maps that communicate effectively and at the same time be visually pleasing.  This intermediate course gives you an overview of key cartographic design principles, including; map elements, color, symbology, typography, organization, and composition.  Each day you will apply your new-found knowledge by creating map projects using ArcGIS which will be constructively critiqued for improvement by the instructors and students. Daily map sessions will also include a review and demonstration of cartographic tools found within ArcMap.

  Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

ü  Identify what makes an effective map

ü  Identify the best map type/design for your project

ü  Apply key cartographic design principles to create maps

ü  Implement tools and techniques using ArcMap/Layout

ü  Improve your map compositions through constructive feedback

ü  Use ArcGIS Online to share maps and create Story Maps